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    RealCare Preemie Baby

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    The Preemie Baby is a non-electronic manikin simulating a preterm infant born at 30 weeks. Help students, caregivers, and parents-to-be understand the unique challenges and, sometimes complicated, medical problems often associated with preterm birth.

    Realityworks RealCare Baby 3

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    Realityworks RealCare Baby 3 is the result of 20 years of Realityworks' product development. As such, it is the world's most advanced infant simulator. The RealCare Baby is the only infant simulator with wireless programming and reporting functionality. Students will interact with the baby by soothing it when it cries, and receive notification that its needs have been met by with soft cooing response. The RealCare infant holds user accountable by tracking, measuring and reporting on its level of care. This experiential tool has a lasting impact in lessons on teen pregnancy prevention, health occupation skills, child abuse prevention, sex education, child development and much more!

    5 Baby Mobile Storage and Charging Case

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    Secure, portable soft-sided case for up to five RealCare Baby infant simulators and supplies.

    Accessory Package Small (Infant Soft Carrier, Diaper Bag & Blanket)

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    Beef and Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster

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    This Beef & Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster represents primal beef and pork meat cuts in realistic, full-color details. It contours to the shape of the animal and represents the most common cuts of beef and pork.rk.

    Butcher Beef Cut Models

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    The life-like Butcher Beef Cut Models are a set of four separate, quartered section models. These include Round, Loin, Rib, and Chuck from half of a steer. This set of models are one-half the size of a steer and feature 21 magnetic models depicting the most popular cuts of beef. These models are used to identify various cuts as well as learn how to prep and cook each. Additionally, the included curriculum completes the experience for both instructors and students.

    Butcher Pork Cut Models

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    Our Butcher Pork Cut Models include 13 life-like magnetic models of pork cuts to help students learn to identify, locate, and prepare each piece. This pork carcass model, which is about half the size of a real pig, features realistic bone, muscle and tendon definition. Additionally, the included standards-based curriculum provides four to five hours of classroom instruction.

    Child Care Center Design Kit

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    This interactive Child Care Center Design Kit includes curriculum and manipulatives to teach students best practices for laying out learning center rooms. The kit includes pieces representing furniture and boards to draw ideal learning and student interaction at 3 age groups. The program includes 5 sets of materials for small groups or individuals to work simultaneously.


    • 5 individual trays containing:
      • 12” x 18” dry erase board
      • Marker & microfiber cloth
      • 3 sets of age-appropriate “furniture”
      • Photo key card
    • Storage container
    • Child Care Center Classroom Design curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty



    Child Care Employability Scenario Cards


    Employability Skills Scenario Cards

    These pathway/occupation-specific workplace scenario cards cover real-world situations in child care careers. Use these cards to develop soft skills within specific occupations through small-group discussions, as a large-group icebreaker or as an individual challenge. They can be purchased as individual pathway packs or as a CTE pathway 6-pack. Additionally, the scenarios correlate to the Child Care Scenarios Student Workbooks, which also make a great addition to your program.

    Use the program to:

    • Supplement existing employability skills
    • Teach a complete unit on skills
    • Generate real-life discussions
    • Prompt reflection activities
    • Generate ice-breaker activities

    Child Care Scenarios Student Workbook (set of 20)

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    Each Child Care Scenarios workbook contains a compilation of activities, assessments, as well as reflection exercises to enhance lessons in child care. The workbooks correlate to the Child Care Career Scenario Cards, which also make a great addition to your program.

    Includes: 20 workbooks

    Employability Skills Program

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    The RealCareer Employability Skills Program is an engaging, easy-to-implement program that uses hands-on activities and real-world applications to teach students 20 soft skills, from communication and interpersonal skills to time management and responsibility.

    Use the program to:

    • Supplement existing employability skills program
    • Teach a complete unit on employability skills
    • Generate real-life discussions
    • Prompt reflection activities like journal-writing
    • Generate ice-breaker activities

    Target Audience:

    • High school students
    • Post-secondary students
    • Workforce development programs


    Employability Skills Program Student Workbooks (qty 20)

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    These student workbooks feature hands-on activities as well as real-world applications from the Employability Skills Program. The workbooks combine these activities to teach students 20 soft skills. Additionally, the workbooks correlate to the Employability Skills Program Workplace Scenario Cards, which also make a great addition to your program.

    Includes 20 workbooks

    Evenflo® Infant Soft Carrier

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    This carrier has two positions for carrying baby. It has a fully padded seat and leg openings. Extra-padded back supports the head and neck of baby. The style and colour may vary.

    Fetal Development Kit

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    With the Fetal Development Kit, students get an in-depth look at embryo and fetal development. Students can touch, feel and examine a detailed, life-size model of each fetal development stage.  Additionally, incorporate the included curriculum for a complete experience.

    Food Safety Just The Facts: Food Safety DVD


    The Just the Facts: Food Safety DVD covers clean, separate, cook, chill – the key processes that keep food safe. Chef Jon shares his extensive knowledge of safe food preparation, food-borne illness, clean-up, and storage. Length: 16 min.

    Food Safety Kit

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    The RealCareer Food Safety Kit covers basic foodsafety and handling techniques that can be used in culinary occupations or at home. The curriculum integrates hands-on activities and components for up to six small groups to be working on activities simultaneously. The kit can be used to address: basic food safety, proper handwashing techniques, common pathogens, foodborne illnesses, foodsupply chain, safe temperatures, food handling techniques, cross-contamination prevention along with culinary and food service careers.