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    Child Care

    Explore hands-on learning aids and resources for teaching skills related to child care, including child development, child care center design, infant health and safety, infant care skills. You’ll also find resources for teaching soft skills and exploring child care careers.

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    Child Care Center Design Kit

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    This interactive Child Care Center Design Kit includes curriculum and manipulatives to teach students best practices for laying out learning center rooms. The kit includes pieces representing furniture and boards to draw ideal learning and student interaction at 3 age groups. The program includes 5 sets of materials for small groups or individuals to work simultaneously.


    • 5 individual trays containing:
      • 12” x 18” dry erase board
      • Marker & microfiber cloth
      • 3 sets of age-appropriate “furniture”
      • Photo key card
    • Storage container
    • Child Care Center Classroom Design curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty



    Child Care Employability Scenario Cards


    Employability Skills Scenario Cards

    These pathway/occupation-specific workplace scenario cards cover real-world situations in child care careers. Use these cards to develop soft skills within specific occupations through small-group discussions, as a large-group icebreaker or as an individual challenge. They can be purchased as individual pathway packs or as a CTE pathway 6-pack. Additionally, the scenarios correlate to the Child Care Scenarios Student Workbooks, which also make a great addition to your program.

    Use the program to:

    • Supplement existing employability skills
    • Teach a complete unit on skills
    • Generate real-life discussions
    • Prompt reflection activities
    • Generate ice-breaker activities

    Child Care Scenarios Student Workbook (set of 20)

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    Each Child Care Scenarios workbook contains a compilation of activities, assessments, as well as reflection exercises to enhance lessons in child care. The workbooks correlate to the Child Care Career Scenario Cards, which also make a great addition to your program.

    Includes: 20 workbooks

    RealCare Baby Program Training

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    Studica will be hosting a training program on Realityworks' RealCare Baby! This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered, receive hands-on training and discover time-saving and effective ways to maximize the effectiveness your program – all from an authorized Realityworks trainer! Learn more about this Pro development training session below.

    RealCare Infant Health and Safety Scenario Cards

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    RealCare Infant Health and Safety Scenario Cards

    This set of 27 scenario cards features scenarios from the Infant Health & Safety Pack. Use in groups or as individual challenges to prepare students for childcare careers and nursing programs. Additionally, the scenarios correlate to the Infant Health & Safety Student Workbooks, which also make a great addition to your program.

    RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Drug-Affected Baby Pkg

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    RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby

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    By emitting the cries and demonstrating the withdrawal tremors of a drug-affected infant, the RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby shows the potential impacts of drug use while pregnant.

    RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby

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    RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby was developed with the help of medical professionals that specialize in FAS education. This non-electronic model depicts the physical effects of prenatal alcohol use. Combined with its corresponding curriculum, this experiential learning tool offers students hands-on interaction and sparks engaging discussions on prenatal alcohol use, alcohol abuse prevention and child development. The FAS simulator is ideal for use in alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs; child development and health classes; parenting classes; health occupations and child care career courses. Take a look at additional features that make this RealCare Baby a powerful tool in your classroom.

    RealCare™ Infant Health & Safety Student Workbooks-set of 20

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    Use RealCare™ Infant Health & Safety Student Workbooks to enhance lessons in infant health and safety. 

    Includes: 20 workbooks

    RealCare™ Infant Health and Safety Learning Package

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    Prepare your students for child care careers and parenthood with the RealCare™ Infant Health & Safety Pack. This interactive package brings together the Choking Baby and Infant CPR Manikin, as well as student workbooks, posters and interactive scenario cards. Use these great tools to teach users 50 infant safety and first aid procedures. Upon completion, the workbooks also become take-home manuals that detail each procedure. Address common infant and toddler safety issues and procedures, emergency response procedures, along with proper infant choking and CPR procedures.



    RealCare™ Shaken Baby

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    The RealCare™ Shaken Baby simulator dramatically depicts the effects to an infant’s brain from just a few seconds of shaking. The simulator and included curriculum help increase awareness of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome as well as child abuse. Participants witness the simulated consequences of a parent or caregiver’s unsafe choices and become motivated to avoid them. Additionally, the comprehensive curriculum materials allow you to easily integrate the products into your prenatal, prevention or childcare program.

    Realityworks RealCare Baby 3

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    Realityworks RealCare Baby 3 is the result of 20 years of Realityworks' product development. As such, it is the world's most advanced infant simulator. The RealCare Baby is the only infant simulator with wireless programming and reporting functionality. Students will interact with the baby by soothing it when it cries, and receive notification that its needs have been met by with soft cooing response. The RealCare infant holds user accountable by tracking, measuring and reporting on its level of care. This experiential tool has a lasting impact in lessons on teen pregnancy prevention, health occupation skills, child abuse prevention, sex education, child development and much more!