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    Unleash the Potential of Robotics Education with Studica

    Unleash the Potential of Robotics Education with Studica

    Robots continue to be utilized more often in our daily lives. Therefore, robotics education continues to gain importance. At Studica, our primary focus is mobile robotics. Mobile robots are simply robots that are capable of motion. You may have heard them called AMR (autonomous mobile robots), autonomous intelligent robots, or intelligent robots. They rely on motors, sensors, and controllers. These robots typically have legs, tracks, or wheels to make locomotion possible. Tools for Robotics EducationWe know that mobile robotics is a great fit for education. Students are excited and motivated by hands-on learning. Students learn about programming, robotics, and develop an understanding of what technology is capable of in the real world. Developing other crucial skills is part of the process. From computational thinking, problem-solving, to collaboration and teamwork - robotics education is a powerful approach to STEM learning. To remain competitive in a world of ever-changing technology and evolve world technology, we need competent workers who possess the competency to do so. This is why Studica is so enthusiastic about expanding mobile robotics education. As a Global Partner and the official exclusive product supplier of the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Mobile Robotics Competition, we are able to constantly observe the needs of competitors and evolving the Studica Robotics Building System to best serve this market. Studica Robotics Building Platform

    Tools for Robotics Education

    Mobile Robot ExampleTeaching robotics is an excellent addition to STEM curriculum for physics, math, and computer science. With the VMX Robotics Controller, you can teach students how to program in a variety of different languages including C++, ROS, and Python. You will find everything you need to get your students building their own robot with Studica Robotics. Our building system is dependable and affordable. We offer everything your students need to Build Better Robots®. Motion components, structure components, hardware, electronics, robot parts, and a variety of robotics kits are available. Our components work easily together so you do not need to be concerned with needing a machine shop or other special equipment. In fact, our hole pattern is compatible with most existing FTC and FRC build systems giving you the opportunity to combine electronics and structure.

    Getting Started

    If you are just beginning to teach robotics, Studica offers a variety of options. Our FTC Starter Kit includes over 1,250 parts and contains a large array of building elements that enables teams to create a functional robot year after year. Our Classroom Robotics Kit includes our powerful VMX Robotics Controller and Titan Quad Motor Controller. You will also get a variety of structure and motion components, servos, high-resolution encoders, a charger, battery pack, tools, training materials, 3D CAD files and a storage bin. If you are interested in bringing Studica Robotics to your school, please contact Studica today.            

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