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    MK ES17-12 12 V SLA Battery

    The MK ES17-12, 12 Volt, 18 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery with nut and bolt connector has proven to be a trustworthy power source for many FIRST Robotics Competition robots. 


    The batteries will be packed within a 7"x7"x7" box (aka: interior box). A 3/4" layer of closed-cell foam will be packed around the interior box, within a 9"x9"x9" box. The entire weight of this double box packing assembly will be approximately 29 pounds.


    Two (2) batteries are shipped within one box for this price.

    MFR Part #: AM-0844
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    #10-32 x 1.5" SHCS - Min 25

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    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc plated
    • Thread: #10-32
    • Length: 1-1/2 inch
    • Head: Socket Head Cap Screw

    1/4-20 x 0.5" BHCS - Min 25

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    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc plated
    • Thread: 1/4-20
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    • Head: Button Head Cap Screw

    10-32 Nylock Jam Nut

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    Must be ordered in mulitples of 25


    20 AWG White Ferrule Crimps


    2023 Game Piece Cube

    (794 In stock)

    Each CONE (am-4700_syc) is a yellow 1 ft. ¹³⁄₁₆ in. (~33 cm) tall rubber marker cone and weighs 1lb 7oz (~653 g). Each CONE has an 8⅜ in. (~21 cm) +/- ⅛in. (~3 mm) square base with ¼ in. (~7 mm) tall feet.

    Each CUBE (am-4700_bpc) is made of purple PVC fabric and is marked with a FIRST logo. The CUBE is a cube-like shape, inflated to 9 ½ in. (~24 cm) +/- ¼ in. (~6 mm) as measured from face to face, but these ship deflated. A CUBE has rounded corners, may not have flat surfaces, and the length, width, and height of the sides may not be equal dimensions. A CUBE weighs 2.5 oz (~71 g). 

    The Cube Measurement Jig (am-4700_cmj) is a tool developed by FIRST to calibrate CUBE inflation at events. The appropriate range for CUBE inflation is between when the cube can lift the jig off the ground due to it's inflation, and when the cube touches both sides of the jig at the same time. The total weight of the jig is important in determining the minimum bound. 



    3/16 in. Diameter 0.126 to 0.25 in. Grip Steel Rivet


    This item can only be purchased in multiples of 25


    Product Overview


    These blind steel rivets are a perfect, strong choice for creating frames when using our 1in. Gussets paired with up to .125" wall aluminum tubing. These steel rivets won't let you down when you need them most!


    • Diameter: 3/16 in.
    • Drill Size For Hole: #11
    • Finish: Zinc
    • Grip Range: 0.126-0.25 in.
    • Head: Buttonhead
    • Hole Size: 0.192-0.196 in.
    • Length: 0.45 in.
    • Mandrel Material: Steel
    • Material: Steel
    • Rivet Style: Blind
    • Weight: 0.0094