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    LEGO® Education Now Available at Studica Canada

    LEGO® Education Now Available at Studica Canada

    Studica Limited is now a reseller for LEGO® Education and will offer the complete line of LEGO Education products throughout Canada. LEGO Education provides hands-on solutions that bring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) to life. Solutions are available for preschool, elementary, and middle school classrooms and are based on the LEGO® system of bricks – that meets students wherever they are in their learning journey. The range of solutions, from the early learning portfolio to the LEGO® Learning System, create an environment where active, collaborative learners future-proof their skills and spark a lifelong love for learning. These solutions include education sets based on LEGO® bricks, curriculum material, professional development for teachers, and teacher support.

    Why LEGO® Education?

    Studica is an innovative solution supplier that supports the education community, the LEGO Education product offerings fit perfectly into our mission. Studica has a reputation for providing expertise and assistance in STEM, STEAM, and robotics education. "Offering LEGO Education is a perfect complement to Studica's mission of offering the best robotics and STEAM education technologies to our customers," said Frank Nanfara, President and CEO of Studica, Inc.

    Learning Through Play

    The importance of learning through play has been well documented by LEGO Foundation. Nurturing holistic skills is essential to the creation of lifelong learners. “Learning through play supports the development of early literacy and numeracy skills in an integrated approach, while also cultivating children’s social, emotional, physical, and creative skills” – Marbina, Church & Tayler, 2011 LEGO Education offers solutions for early learning, primary, and middle school levels because learning through play is effective for learners of all ages. For more information, you can review the Learning Through Play at School whitepaper. If you are interested in bringing these playful and effective learning tools to your school, please contact Studica for more information.

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