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    Announcing the Mobile Robotics Skills Challenge, Online!

    Announcing the Mobile Robotics Skills Challenge, Online!

    The WorldSkills Shanghai 2021 competition has been postponed until 2022. To address the gap until the 2022 competition, Studica Robotics empowered by WorldSkills will provide the opportunity to continue learning about Mobile Robotics in a safe and engaging manner.  We found a way to maintain enthusiasm and build momentum for the 2022 Mobile Robotics Competition. We are excited to announce the Mobile Robotics Skills Challenge!

    This online challenge provides an engaging way to help competitors and students gain an understanding of autonomous mobile robotic technology through design, mechanical and electronic systems, programming, and controls. Participants will gain an understanding of the critical skills needed to pursue a career in robotics. This includes knowledge of autonomous navigation, engineering, electrical systems, computing technology, and more.

    Take the Mobile Robotics Skills Challenge!

    Get InvolvedThe challenge has started and runs until June 18th, 2021. It’s time to get started. Begin by visiting Complete the form and you will be emailed the complete details of the competition and instructions on how you can register your team.

    The online challenge will be based on the Waste Management Autonomous Robot Challenge which will define the core of the Challenge Performance Requirements. The main goal of the challenge is to build an autonomous robot that will navigate streets, find a specified waste material and deliver and dispose of it to a waste management disposal site. Complete details here.

    WorldSkills and Studica

    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    Studica is proud to be a Global Partner and the official supplier of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Component Collection. This exclusive collection is only available at Studica. It is required to compete in that skill competition. It includes all components required to train and compete. Items such as controllers, drivers, sensors, structural components, servos, and motors, wheels, gears, drive trains, and fasteners are included. Additional authorized units and components are also available at

    “Studica has been a great asset in developing the Skill Mobile Robotics to industry standards. We are pleased to have Studica with us as a Global Industry Partner in this field, especially since technology is moving fast. With Studica’s support on a global scale we can guarantee that all WorldSkills Members and Competitors can test and assess at the highest possible levels and with latest technologies.” — Alexander Amiri, Director Sponsorship and Partnership, WorldSkills International

    Studica is recognized for our partnership with WorldSkills by where we provide robotic kits for Mobile Robotics, as well as supporting other elements of the event including Try-a-Skills, the Conference, and the Museum. Our commitment to the development of the Mobile Robotics skill has inspired us to create this online competition.

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